Monday, July 13, 2015

"My Faith Has Found a Resting Place" - Salvation Testimonies of the Sincere But Deceived and Unconverted

The following post is by Jordan Fraker. 
 Romans 10:2

For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.

Dearly beloved,

This blog post is written to give testimony to God's glorious salvation in the souls of zealous yet sincerely deceived church ministers and faithful members of the calvary chapel movement. Each one had a zeal for God but were never led to the blessed rest that is only found when a man comes to be crucified with Christ.

We believe that there are those who are truly born again in the calvary chapel movement but we have great reason to believe that according to scripture many are, as we were, sincere but deceived and not truly born again.

Beloved, will you read these testimonies with a meekness? Asking the Lord, is it I? 
Truly, if anyone was saved I would have thought it was me, I prayed the sinners prayer with tears and true conviction over my sins at four years old and sought to live as a christian from that time forward, I didn't drink or smoke or party or fornicate, I told people I didn't do those things because I was a christian, I signed a written vow of my life away to God when I was eighteen and left it all (or so I thought) to follow Christ, graduated one of the top of my class from calvary chapel Bible college, was spoken to many times by God, miraculously provided for many times, set free from long time bondages of lust, I wept over my sins and the love of God toward me, was even used to preach the gospel and saw men weep, but beloved...I was never crucified with Christ, I had not died at calvary. I had subtly kept my self-righteousness and did not even know it; I didn't know that all this goodness of God was meant to lead me to repentance. (For more details about how God led me to see my lost estate and the glorious difference I've found now having been saved by the true grace of God please see my video testimony that should be ready soon Lord willing).

O how deceitful is the human heart, how subtle is the flesh, (Jeremiah 17:9) how we need God to search us and try us and see if there be any wicked way in us (psalm 139:23-24) and then by His mighty grace put it to death, (Romans 6:3-7) "there the wicked cease from troubling; and there the weary be at rest."

May the truly regenerate be edified and moved to glorify God, and may those whom God has indeed been striving with, but have not come to the birth (the second birth that is) recognize their estate and be empowered to go to the cross and be crucified with and by Christ that you might find rest for your wearied soul. 

It truly is a work of God that no flesh can muster, no will of man can decide (John 1:13). We must come to Christ and cast ourselves at His feet and submit to Him who alone hath power to give eternal life. (Acts 5:31-32)

A Calvary Chapel Bible College Alumni and her video testimony of true and false conversion:

Her husband, a youth pastor and Bible College Alumni as well, read this sermon by Jonathan Edwards and it was instrumental in stripping away his fig leaves to the end, glorious salvation in Christ Jesus:

A false convert from Calvary Chapel New Mexico and her written testimony:

Plus her dealings with her Calvary Chapel Mom:

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